Henna Vs. Traditional Hair Color

If your hair grows a median of 1/2 inch per month, hair color becomes a never ending necessary beauty treatment. If you are trying to grow out your hair to long lengths, chemical treatment makes it challenging, and can also be toxic to your body.

Although there are less toxic hair dyes on the market, the best natural hair dye option is body art quality henna.

Henna is a plant. The leaves of the henna plant have a red-orange dye molecule. Henna will stain your hair red-orange: this stain is translucent and will combine with your natural color. Henna is a fantastic hair conditioner and help to strengthen your hair.  It can leave your hair feeling thick and silky.
Well for starters, with Henna- what you see is exactly what you get: just Henna. The leaves of the Henna tree are harvested and ground into a fine powder to create the particular hair dye. It’s that simple; you can count the number of ingredients found in Henna Hair Color with less than one hand. Natural henna, on its own, creates a red-orange color, so if you see products offering other colors produced with henna, realize the manufacturers have mixed the henna with other ingredients to achieve those colors. Natural hair coloring methods, like Henna, work as pigments that coat hair follicles with color.
Henna can leave your hair feeling dry. So, if you decide to use henna make sure you take the time to deep condition your hair before AND after you apply henna. You can also mix coconut or olive oil into your henna mixture for more conditioning and better slip when rinsing it out.

There is a huge variety of colors to select from in an exceedingly good selection of brands! This is an enormous benefit for anyone who wants to change things up! Hair dye may offer other benefits than covering up signs of aging.
People with limp locks may want to give the color a try. That’s because coloring plumps the hair shaft and can make hair temporarily thicker and with more body than before. Good hair color will be so much more than, well, just color. It will play up your features, give you a healthy glow, and even slim your face.
Compared to henna; chemical hair dye is fast, simple and convenient. Also, chemical dye enables you to tint your hair any color, whereas henna has a more limited color spectrum.
As with henna, take extra care to deep condition your hair on a regular basis to avoid dryness and hair breakage.

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