The Best Vitamins for Your Hair

Okay, Okay, I know you probably already have a laundry list of resolutions for 2017. Well, just in case you want to add one more beauty must-do to that list here’s an idea. Why not commit a year to fortifying your hair from within.

We spend hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands) on our hair each year making it look good from the outside. Shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, styling creams can all add to the beauty of your hair. But unless you already have a strong foundation of healthy hair, you are only camouflaging your lackluster situation.

So why not get 2017 started off right by committing to a year of healthy, nourishing vitamins that will promote strong, healthy growing hair. Here is a list of  the top 4 vitamins you should be taking to nourish your hair from within.

  1.  Fish Oil- An Omega-3 essential fat that nourishes the hair, supports hair thickening and reduces inflammation that can lead to hair loss. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showed that after six months of treatment, women with female pattern hair loss reported 89.9 percent of the participants reported a reduction in hair loss, as well as an improvement in hair diameter and hair density. Eat foods rich in fish oil like salmon, mackerel, tuna, white fish, sardines, egg yolks, walnuts, or hemp seeds. Or you can opt to take one or two capsules of fish oil every day.
  2. Biotin and B5-B-Complex Vitamins and biotin help to combat damage  from over styling you hair with blow-dryers, curling and flat irons as well as from over-shampooing and exposure to the sun. To reverse hair loss and increase hair strength, take one B-complex vitamin tablet daily or take biotin and vitamin B5 separately. Eating biotin and vitamin B5 foods, such as eggs, beef, chicken, avocado, legumes, nuts and potatoes, also helps you to avoid a deficiency and aid hair growth.
  3. Iron-You probably already know that iron is needed for energy and stamina. But it is also the key that could protect you from hair loss. Several studies that have studied the link between iron deficiency and hair loss have found that women with low levels of iron in their blood are at a greater risk for alopecia or hair loss. To boost your iron levels, eat iron rich foods such as spinach, collard greens, egg yolks and black beans. You could also opt to take a multi-vitamin with an extra dose of iron.
  4. Vitamin D-Another vitamin that can protect you from alopecia is Vitamin D. This important vitamin plays an important role in immune regulation and cell growth differentiation. Hair follicles are sensitive to hormones like Vitamin D. To get your daily boost, simply sit in the sun for 10-15 min. You can also take 5,000 units of Vitamin D via soft gels or capsules to get the necessary amount you need.

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