How To Trim Your Own Split Ends

Getting your split ends trimmed on a regular basis is an integral part of your hair care routine in order to retain good hair health. If you neglect or ignore your split ends, they will split more and more. Usually, split ends are lighter, uneven and have a different color than your normal hair color. This spoils the look for your hair.

Give yourself some time in between every trim rather than going with the typical 6-8 weeks. Hair begins to split around the 3-4 month mark, which is when you’ll actually need a trim.

Here is some tips to cut your hair by own so you don’t need to go to the salon anymore for trimming:

1.  Cut perpendicular to the hair strand. This will keep the end stronger than a slanted cut would.

Make the cut about 1/4” higher than the split to confirm a healthy end. Some split ends will be longer than 1/4″ above the end and should be cut accordingly.

2.  Take a small section of hair, and twist it. The ends of the hair will pop up out of the twist and you’ll be able to see split ends and trim them.

If you have lighter hair, use a darker background to help bring contrast so you can see the hair better. If you have got darker hair, use a lighter background to assist bring contrast to your eyes.

3.  Twist your hair in the opposite direction. This will help you spot some of the split ends you might have missed when you twisted the hair one way.

Take a section of your hair. Lace your fingers through your hair. Pointer finger on the top, middle finger on the bottom, and ring finger on top. Slowly slide your fingers down the hair and cut the split ends that pop out. When you get to the bottom, point cut the ends of your hair by cutting with just the tips of your scissors.

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