When to Co-Wash vs. When to Shampoo

It’s a common question that people with natural and curly hair face all too often. When to wash your hair with conditioner (co-wash) or wash your hair with traditional shampoo? 
Most experts agree that co-washing offers the best results for women with thick, dry or curly hair. If your hair is already thin and fine, co-washing will not add texture to it, it will only appear flatter and oilier.
Co-Washing can be a great way to replenish dry stands by protecting it from being stripped from its natural oils. Overusing shampoo will strip your hair of these oils overtime due to the harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.  

Co-Washing your hair hair can easily be added into your weekly routine. It means skipping shampoo and relying alone on conditioner, whether or not you’re a daily a weekly washer. The result will be smoother, softer hair that will be easier to manage.
But use your common sense. After a day of regular activity and light product, a co-wash would be a perfectly acceptable option. However, after a night out in a smoky filled bar or club or after a hard workout or run, a traditional shampoo would be a much better decision.  People who have straight hair can easily be weighed down by heavy oils and over conditioning. So co-washing would not be the best option for people with those hair types. Those who have an oily scalp or dermatitis should steer clear as well.  Because co-washing does not affectively treat scalp conditions, a traditional shampoo would work best.
Shampoos trap oils, dirt and product residue giving your hair that ‘squeaky-clean’ feeling…which isn’t always a good thing.

So, if you choose to wash your hair with traditional shampoo, consider a couple of things. Factor in how often you wash your hair, the density or thickness of your hair, the condition of your scalp, lifestyle and personal preference.

Coming soon to CurlMatch is the new category ‘Co-Wash Cleaners’.  This will include a comprehensive list of co-wash products for those who choose to switch up their hair routine from traditional shampoos from time to time.

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