How To Pick a Great Hair Conditioner

Shampooing (depending on the frequency) can be harsh process that strips your hair from many natural oils needed to maintain hair health.  Conditioners, on the other hand, boost the moisture after a shampoo, trying to repair and keep your strands intact.

There are a wide variety of products out there, each type specializing in a particular hair type. To keep your hair as healthy and happy as possible, you need to know what type of conditioner you need.


If you have straight, silky hair,  you’ll want a conditioner that’s aims to add some much-needed texture to your hair. A volumizing conditioner can be used everyday to give your hair a boost, life and extra fullness.

Wavy hair can be hard to work with in humid weather.  It can sometimes be frizzy and out of control. Moisturizing conditioners are the best options to tame those frizzy fly aways. Just be sure that the moisturizing conditioners don’t contain heavy oils, which can weigh wavy hair down.

Natural and curly hair textures are best served by deep hydrating conditioners.  Oils here are the way to go because they protect dry strands and as well as to help to seal and protect your ends. Rich, deep conditioners used on a bi-weekly basis can provide natural and curly hair textures with extra moisture, especially as we head into the dry and cold winter months. Sulfate-free conditioners provide the best protection by preserving the natural oils in your hair.

If your hair isn’t severely brittle or damaged, switch to a product that advertises as hydrating, moisturizing, and/or balancing.

If you are a straight and natural type of gal, focus on conditioners that provide extra TLC from your heat and styling tools.

However, with the right conditioning products, even the curliest hair can be shiny and healthy. Read your product labels and choose wisely!

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