What is CurlMatch?

CurlMatch is a new mobile application that matches a women’s unique hair texture and type to a list of recommended hair products…all for free!

Women with curly and natural hair textures are more visible than ever. According to TextureMedia, a social platform that connects multicultural women and beauty consumers in the world of haircare, 60% of the world’s population has textured hair. That’s why more and more retailers are launching new hair product lines for women with curly and natural hair. But for some women, having more choices also means more confusion, because most products are customized for texture type.

On average, curly hair consumers spend 54% more on styling products compared to their straight-hair counterparts. CurlMatch, a new mobile app available on iOS devices in June 2016 and on Droid devices in October, aims to take the guesswork out of choosing the right products by providing users with their own customized product portfolio.

Curlmatch was created by Shani Blount, an award winning, innovative sales strategist who manages multi-million dollar accounts, has been a naturalista since 2001. She grew frustrated after spending thousands of dollars over the course of almost 15 years on hair care products to help define and grow her natural curls. Together with eBizTrait, Blount created a sleek, new mobile application to help women discover their unique type and texture and choose the right products for their hair.

Users begin by identifying their hair texture from one of six choices: Waves, Curls, Kinks n Coils, Straight n Naturals, Children and Multi-Textured hair types. Next, a ‘Match My Curls’ feature will link users with a list of hair products best suited for their specific hair type and texture. Each product will include its own rating and review.

There are three main features to CurlMatch.

The CQ Test

CQ stands for curl quotient. There are Multiple factors that make up an individual’s hair type. Knowing those factors help women with curly and natural hair find the best products. CurlMatch has designed a quick and easy quiz designed to help users determine their CQ in no time.

Customized Results

CurlMatch gives customized results with product recommendations. Each hair type is matched with a comprehensive list of products proven to provide the best results.

Style Secrets

Get the inside scoop on style secrets, tips and tricks to get the best hair day ever! !

See what the buzz is all about!  Download CurlMatch on the app store: itunes.apple.com/us/app/curlmatch/id1113667647?mt=8


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