The Five Causes of Split Ends

The Hot, Dog days of summer are sadly coming to an end. How did you hair stand up to the elements? Did you do your job to protect your ends from the glaring sun and the extreme heat? Split ends is where hair damage starts. But knowing what causes them will also help you prevent them.

Here are the top 5 causes of Split Ends.

Heat How often are you blow drying, flat ironing or hot curling your hair? Why not air dry instead? How about creative protective styles like a two strand twist or a high top bun? These ideas will go a long way to protecting your ends and keeping them healthy.

2. Excessive Brushing and Combing- Remember: Fingers are BEST. You have the best detangling tools with your fingers. Take your time and load up on your sulfate-free conditioner with the best slip. Stand underneath your shower head to make sure your hair is saturated with both product and water. Then gently rake your hands through your hair…removing tangles along the way. Save the comb and the brush for those pesky tangled knots or for smoothing your edges.
3. Dry Hair- How often are you deep conditioning your hair? Are you applying the DC to your ends as well? How often are you shampooing your hair? Remember that co-washing is essential to prevent your hair (and ends) from drying out.
4. Pulling, Tugging, Twirling-I know it’s a force of habit for many of us… but do your best to keep your hands out of your hair. Remember that the ends of your hair are extremely delicate and fragile and it doesn’t take much for them to split. Any rubbing, twirling or tugging can cause unwanted damage.
5. Towel Drying-Those thick, plush towels may feel like heaven against your skin…but they are your hair’s worst enemy. Wet hair is extremely vulnerable and the rubbing and scrubbing of your towel will just promote more damage. Instead, use an old t-shirt and pat your hair dry.

Your hair and ends will thank you for it!

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